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Department of Spatial Planning
MSc: Lecture, Seminar, and Lab

Spatial Statistics and Analysis

This seminar introduces students of Spatial Planning and related empirical disciplines to spatial statistical principles and methods from an applied perspective. The terms Spatial Statistics and Spatial Analysis are thereby used interchangeably, though the latter can be thought of as the entire workflow while the first term focuses more on the underlying statistical methods and principles. The module covers established spatial analysis approaches and demonstrates their practical application using examples from the field of spatial planning. The module is divided into three blocks: an introductory lecture part, a discursive and student-led seminar part, and a hands-on lab. These three blocks provide an overview of the following topics:

  • Application areas of spatial statistics
  • Modelling geographical relations
  • Spatial autocorrelation
  • Spatial hotspot statistics
  • Spatial regression

Course Leader