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Department of Spatial Planning
Interested in our research? Write your thesis with us!

BSc and MSc Dissertations

Researchers at the Spatial Modelling Lab look forward to working with motivated students. Dissertations are a great way to make this happen. We supervise a wide range of topics! Below you will find a list of indicative subject areas and possible supervisors, including contact details. Feel free to contact us if you feel that your interests overlap with ours.

Subject areas

  • Spatial statistics and analysis (Westerholt)
  • Geographical Information Systems (Westerholt)
  • Digitalisation and planning (Westerholt)
  • Social media analytics (Westerholt)
  • Quantitative geography (Westerholt)
  • Sense of place (Westerholt, Slivinskaya, Cobs-Muñoz)
  • Urban morphology (Slivinskaya)
  • Housing estate typologies (Slivinskaya)
  • Built form (Slivinskaya)
  • Environmental justice (Cobs-Muñoz)
  • Social-ecological systems (Cobs-Muñoz)
  • Sacrifice zones (Cobs-Muñoz)
  • Health geography (Cobs-Muñoz)
  • (This list is indicative but not exhaustive. Please also take a look at our recent publications and the profiles of individual staff members to identify further possible subject areas.)

Hints for contacting us

Should you be interested in our subject areas, but have not yet decided on a specific topic, we will be happy to advise you. In this case, please feel free to contact the potential supervisor you think is most suitable.

If you already have concrete ideas, please contact us with the following documents/information:

  • a working title,
  • a short proposal of no more than 3 pages in length (may be bullet points),
  • as part of the proposal: introduction/motivation including an initial literature review, research question(s), planned methods, proposed timeline, bibliography.

You do not have to present a fully developed proposal at this stage (we will develop this together with you), but the information listed above will greatly facilitate mutual understanding.

Potential supervisors