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Department of Spatial Planning
Analysing human geographies

Quantitative geography

»[Quantitative research is] the systematic scientific investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships, by using statistical methods.«  (Suzanne Davies Withers, 2013)

In addition to our focus on methodological work on spatial and place-based approaches, we are also engaged in empirical quantitative geographical research. To this end, our laboratory collaborates in a variety of ways with researchers from different fields and from all over the world in order to conduct a wide range of interdisciplinary research. Among the topics we have worked on, and in which we are currently active, are human mobility, infrastructure research, spatial incentives in urban environments, gamification, and botanical research. In combination with methods from other domains, we thereby apply methods from the spatial analysis toolset to support geographical enquiry and spatial planning. This enables us to put our methodological expertise and innovations into practice and to contribute to a wide range of application areas.