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Department of Spatial Planning
MSc: Seminar

Environmental Justice in Industrial Regiones

This master's seminar offers a deep dive into the complexities of Environmental Justice (EJ) within the dynamic and often challenging settings of industrial regions. As a critical component of the broader narrative on urban transformation and spatial planning worldwide, it seeks to merge theoretical insights with practical planning realities. The goal is to navigate the multifaceted, sometimes contradictory, landscape of challenges and opportunities these areas present in their pursuit of environmental justice. Participants will embark on a journey to explore how environmental justice intersects with key drivers of urban transformation in different social-ecological systems. This exploration covers a range of realities, including demographic changes, the climate crisis, telecoupling phenomena, and the principles of intersectionality, among other intricate dynamics. Through this lens, we will examine the evolving— or, from some perspectives, devolving—landscapes of industrial regions, acknowledging slow emergencies, resilience, and sacrifice zones.

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the seminar explores diverse environmental justice approaches to address the complex web of social-ecological challenges. Participants engage with various perspectives, fostering a rich dialogue that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. This collaborative learning environment is designed to deepen understanding and stimulate innovative thought to face spatial planning challenges.

By the seminar's conclusion, participants gained a nuanced understanding of environmental justice within the context of urban and regional transformation. Equipped with this knowledge and through critical assessment and strategic thinking, attendees will be poised to develop and contribute to innovative, equitable, and sustainable planning strategies, paving the way for a more just and resilient future.

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