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Department of Spatial Planning

RAM Colloquium with Nina Wiedemann

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Portrait photo of Nina Wiedemann from ETH Zürich © Nina Wiedemann

Title: Combinatorics for sustainability – how optimization methods can support spatial planning and operations

Time and venue: Friday, 26 May 2023, 11 am CEST; online event on Zoom

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The Zoom link will be shared with all registered participants closer to the event.


Tackling climate change requires radical changes to the energy and transportation sector. However, the planning of energy or transport infrastructure is usually a tedious process with many influencing factors and an intractable number of possibilities. Mathematical approaches for such combinatorial problems can yield provably good solutions. In this talk, I present our research on spatial optimization in three application scenarios: power infrastructure planning, allocating urban space to bikes, and integrating power supply and mobility with vehicle-to-grid. Our work calls for more integration of mathematical approaches in the transformation towards  sustainability, not only for efficient operations, but also for spatial planning.