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Department of Spatial Planning

RAM Colloquium with Dr Victoria Houlden

Victoria Houlden (University of Leeds) © Victoria Houlden

Time and venue: Friday, 21 May 2021, 11 am CET, 10 am GMT, 5 pm Hong Kong Time; online event

Registration via:

The Zoom link will be shared with all registered participants closer to the event.

Increasing urbanisation and socio-spatial inequalities have highlighted disparities in both mental health and access to nature, reinforcing the crucial need to understand how the built environment can support health. One approach is through improved greenspace design, by connecting residents to the natural environment within which humans evolved and are best adapted to flourish. Growing availability of geospatial data and large-scale longitudinal surveys provides a unique opportunity to integrate interdisciplinary perspectives on the relationship between land use and health, disentangling the contextual and compositional factors in how humans experience, and thus benefit from their environment. Combining methods from social and geospatial disciplines, this talk offers a novel discussion of how cities embody wellbeing inequalities, and how the quantity, quality, and accessibility of greenspaces may be optimised to improve mental wellbeing.