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Department of Spatial Planning

Visitors from the Hong Kong Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab

Group photo of the project teams from Hong Kong and Dortmund © Jianting Zhao​/​University of Hong Kong

A team from the Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab of the University of Hong Kong comprising Dr Guibo Sun and Jianting Zhao are visiting RAM on the occasion of a joint proj­ect co-funded by DAAD (Germany) and the Research Grants Council (Hong Kong) under the Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme. We will use an intercultural perspective to contribute to the methodological and empirical understanding of people's experiences of everyday spaces and places. In doing so, we will look at different scales such as the residential level, the neighbourhood level, and public space. Our proj­ect involves case studies that will be conducted both in Dort­mund and Hong Kong. In addition, we will establish a joint PhD seminar for both Phd Students from Dort­mund and Hong Kong in order to initiate and foster an ongoing collaboration and exchange between both in­sti­tu­ti­ons, including beyond the immediate proj­ect team and duration. With this in mind, the main objective of this first of several planned mutual visits is to identify near and longer-term prospects to initiate a lasting academic link between our departments, thus contributing to the strengthening of academic relations between Germany and Hong Kong.

Visit the project homepage for further information: Intercultural perspectives on experiences of space and place