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Department of Spatial Planning

RAM contributed to DOKORP 2023

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The RAM team led a session "Place and Space in Planning" at the 6th Dortmund Conference on Spatial Planning and Planning Research, which took place on 14–15 February at TU Dortmund University. Four presentations delivered by RAM lab members offered different perspectives on place-based considerations in the broad context of spatial planning. The session started with a critical talk by Víctor Cobs-Muñoz, approaching place theory from within socio-ecological systems and environmental justice frameworks in order to address sacrifice zones as socially and ecologically alienated places left to economic and environmental degradation. The next presentation delivered by Liudmila Slivinskaya touched upon the role of place in the urban domain as a conceptual model for the socio-spatial nexus, connecting materialities and meanings of place mediated by built form. Her exemplary use case was prefabricated housing estates. The session continued with a talk by Ibrahim Mubiru, who provided an overview of new mobility services in the light of their emotional effects affecting our perceptions of space and place. René Westerholt rounded up the session with an insightful presentation on place, big data, and statistical methods, addressing challenges in analysing place-related information through their spatial representations. Each presentation was followed by an engaged discussion from the audience, making the session a fruitful exchange around place-related topics in planning research and practice.