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Department of Spatial Planning

New review paper on conceptualising 'new mobility services'

Several e-scooters © Jonas Jacobsson

In the course of major societal developments such as digitalisation and increasing urbanisation, various forms of so-called new mobility services have emerged. Various disciplines are involved in understanding these services. What is still missing, however, is a comprehensive understanding of what the generic term 'new mobility services' means beyond a loosely used collective term. A recently published article by Ibrahim Mubiru and René Westerholt provides an interdisciplinary overview of the concept of new mobility services and their respective impacts on existing mobility landscapes. These aspects are compiled using a scoping review approach to analyse a total of 98 publications. The results show that the concept of new mobility services is indeed a common generic term encompassing various mobility concepts, each of which is conceptualised differently and whose effects on mobility landscapes are manifold. However, by applying elements of formal concept analysis, some central characteristics can be identified that form a lowest common denominator for the categorisation of corresponding services under the common umbrella term of new mobility services.

Mubiru, I. and Westerholt, R. (2024): A scoping review on the conceptualisation and impacts of new mobility services. European Transport Research Review, 16, 12. DOI: 10.1186/s12544-024-00633-5