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Department of Spatial Planning

Academic stays at The University of Hong Kong

LS VC conference © NURSS​/​HKU

During the months of October and November 2022, our lab members, Víctor Cobs-Muñoz and Liudmila Slivinskaya, were welcomed at the Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab (uLab) of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), as part of the DAAD-funded project “Intercultural perspectives on experiences of space and place”.

The first visit was conducted by Víctor during the month of October. During his stay,  he connected with different colleagues and Labs at the HKU, as well as attended research meetings, not only at the host institution but also at the “PolyU Lab of Earth Observations”, led by Prof. Qihao Weng at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where he offered an introduction talk about his ongoing research. In the same line, Víctor presented his ongoing work “Environmental justice and place: Creating a framework proposal to approach social-ecological Sacrifice Zones” as an invited speaker at the Peer Talk Series hosted by the “New Urban Researcher Seminar Series” (NURSS) of the HKU Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning.

The second visit was conducted by Liudmila during the month of November.  As part of the exchange, she shared her ongoing research “Reading Urban Form of Housing Estate through Place” as an invited speaker at the Peer Talk Series hosted by the NURSS-HKU Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning in collaboration with the uLab-HKU. During her stay, Liudmila networked with colleagues and researchers from the Department of Urban Planning and Design, meeting with the Head of the Department, Prof. Shenjing He, and the associate professor Dr. Mandy Lau. She also attended seminars and events hosted by the faculty, and took part in uLab-HKU meetings. As part of her stay, Liudmila visited public housing estates in Hong Kong in order to gain a comparative understanding of the housing estate typology as her main object of research.